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Our Vision Statement

We believe that God has commissioned Fellowship Christian Community Church to be a biblical and dynamic local congregation that celebrates the life of Jesus of Christ. 

We minister in relevance and excellence to the needs of believers and the un-churched in Los Angeles County.  

We labor that God's glory would manifest so that people would be drawn into relationship with Jesus Christ, and He would transform their lives for His glory.




If you take marriage seriously, you must think in terms of covenant. Marriage is more than just a piece of paper.  It is a lifetime commitment that will either propel you into your destiny or cause you strife.  We seek to prepare couples so that they can fulfill the calling of God on their lives together and live with the joy of Lord in their journey.




We seek to create a culture of intimate fellowship and spiritual growth so that men can walk in their calling. Our men meet to talk and share about real life struggles and come alongside one another through the difficulties of life. 


Youth Ministry

We strive to see lives transformed.  We encourage our youth to gather together that they would be encouraged and learn how to experience the reality of Christ in their lives.  


Women's Ministry

We seek to create a culture of intimate fellowship and spiritual growth in a way that draws women into a deeper walk with Christ. Our women gather together to talk and share from their hearts and genuinely love one another through the difficulties of life. 


Baby Dedications

The gift of a child is a blessing.  When a child comes to us the DVR is on.  They record with their ears and eyes, everything that takes place around them. Understanding this, parents need to present a portrait that will create a vision in the lives of their children.  A vision that will bless others and bring glory to God.  


Groups & Outreach

There's always a way to get involved.  Help us change the world for Christ.

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